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Mohammad M mohammad.almeer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 01:15:47 +03 2007

Hello all ..
Here's my evaluation of MTC's mobile internet service that was available
before they introduced e-Go ..

Service Provider: MTC
Service Name:  Mobile Connect Card
Cost per month:
Depends on the packages described here
Monthly fee
Extra Usage (Fils/KB)
 Pay As You Go
1 Fils/KB
 100 MB
0.10 Fils/KB
 500 MB
0.03 Fils/KB

Cost per year: (No special pricing for yearly subscriptions)
Performance: Good
Reliability: Good
Coverage: (cities tested) Surra, Shuwaikh, Adealeyah
Max. Downstream:

Three Separate test were performed, you can find the three tests results
with the average ..

  First Test 465.1 Kb/s  Second Test 452 Kb/s  Third Test 565 Kb/s  Average
494.0333 Kb/s

Max. Upstream: 59 Kb/s ( Only Upload test was performed )
IP obtained: (Public/Private) (Static/Dynamic) : ( Private ) ( Dynamic )
Device used: USB Modem / Ethernet Router : PC card ( PCMCIA card)

Other comments:
- The speed tests were performed around 1:00 AM .. to improve the evaluation
I suggest we mention the time and try testing the services at different
- looking forward to  know the results of comparing all the services ..

Best regards
Mohammad Al-Meer
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