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Sun Apr 22 13:54:21 +03 2007

thanks alot MR.Ossama

>From: Ossama Khayat <okhayat at yahoo.com>
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>To: General OpenSource Discussion <general at oskw.org>
>Subject: [General] Invitation to -- Feisty Fawn --
>Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 03:47:24 -0700 (PDT)
>Salam all,
>As usuall, our gathering is every Sunday. But *this* time we're having a
>special event, that is the release of a wonderful desktop Linux, Ubuntu 
>a.k.a Feisty Fawn.
>This release is one really significant in many aspects. Some of the really
>exciting things about it include:
>* Better support for your hardware: Including Atheros and Intel (WiFi), 
>and ATI (VGA). Also, since most of these drivers are Restricted (non-free
>software), there is an applet that let's you manage them easily.
>* Better WiFi support: Once your WiFi is up and running, you can easily 
>one of the available networks without having to type a single command! Not 
>this, but it also has support for additional wireless networks encryption
>methods, including wep and wep2 64, 128, and 256 bit.
>* Easier to setup Desktop effects: You can enable the built in 
>Desktop effect, or you can simply get the Beryl effects: apt-get install
>beryl{,-manager} without changing or reading any documentation.
>* .Net IDE for the MS .Net lovers: With this release you have Monodevelop 
>OSS IDE) ready for use. It also include (basic) support for ASP.Net
>* Easier to get and install codecs: If you have some nice videos and/or 
>you want to play but don't know what to do to run them, worry no more! When 
>try to play such media, Totem (the Gnome media player) will inform you 
>the needed codecs and even show you a list of them, so you can just select 
>install them easily.
>* Windows migration tool: This discovers your Windows profile on the 
>you're installing Ubuntu on and offers you to migrate the most of your
>information. This includes Internet Explorer favorites, Firefox bookmarks,
>desktop wallpaper, AOL IM contacts, Yahoo IM contacts and imports them in
>... and much more :-)
>So, what are you waiting for, join us today to test and probably install 
>great release on your Laptop and attend a quick overview of these and some
>additional fantastic things!
>We're waiting for you...
>- OSKW Team
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