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Hello All,
A word of caution!
During my visit to Linux World this year in Koln- Germany, I visited some
open-source application developers looking for an ERP package, I noticed
that they all use PostgresSQL, I asked them why are you not using MySQL?
there answer was "Due to loicensing issues"!!, I said what licensing issues,
I thought MySQL was free, they said, "Well not exactly"
So I did some search and found this: http://www.ofb.biz/article.pl?sid=325
Also, I was told that PostgresSQL has more feature than MySQL like stored
procedures. Please see this comparison:
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Salamu Alaykom and Eidkum Mubarak All...

As we discussed in the last meeting, we suggested that we choose "technical
topics" to discuss and practice each week. If you have any topics you want
to discuss in the meetings, feel free to drop a topic with a guideline. We
can of course discuss more than one main topic during the meeting. You can
also suggest to adjust my study plan. 

My Suggestion topic is "MySQL 5" Database Management System (DBMS). I
divided the study time among the month January 2007 according to the topics
discussed. The goal is to improve Database/MySQL skills, prepare for "MySQL
5 Certifications", and develop projects based on PHP/MySQL. 

Please prepare your laptop with any Linux/Unix/BSD flavor and have your
MySQL 5 packages ready (Or guidelines on how to install them)....
I suggest Fedora 6 or Ubuntu 6.10 or a VMWare that has any of them.

The suggested study materials are:

*	"MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide" by Paul DuBois, Stefan Hinz,
and Carsten Pedersen 

*	Note: you can find it on torrent sites, emule, or I can give you an
electronic copy next meeting. please, if you like it buy it from amazon or
any book store :)... If anyone has an FTP or HTTP account, I can also upload

*	http://www.mysql.com website.

Study Plan:

*	3 Jan 2007 

*	Introduction to DBMS and MySQL (PHP - Optional)

*	Installing MySQL and phpMyAdmin (Zend Studio - Optional)

*	Playing with some SQL commands. 

*	Discussing a guideline for studying MySQL 5. 

*	Discussing a PHP/MYSQL project plan/competitions to be done by the
end of Feb 2007.

*	10 Jan 2007 

*	Discussing MySQL Developer Exam I topics.

*	17 Jan 2007 

*	Discussing MySQL Developer Exam II topics. 

*	24 Jan 2007 

*	Discussing MySQL DBA I Exam topics.

*	31 Jan 2007 

*	Discussing MySQL DBA II Exam topics.

See you all next meeting inshallah.

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