[General] Study about implementation of open source technologies at the Kuwaity Government

Nouf Al Sa'ad nouf.alsaad at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 12:06:18 +03 2010

Dear All,
I'm doing my PhD and currently doing a study on open source technologies
implementation at the Kuwaity Government.

Digging around www.e.gov.kw did not help much and google pointed me to your
group/mailing list (although if i may say your website is Empty! sorry)

Also went to big opensource companies like Redhat and found they have
partners in Kuwait such as kuwaitnet.net and NCS which i plan to contact
them for their government list.

Any help is highly appreciated if the list have government representatives
or companies who deal with the government in opensource technologies.

If any information is confidential and you don't want to share it in public
please feel free to email me off-list but for the sake of opensource and
sharing the knowledge please consider posting it to the list. :)

Thank you in advance!

Nouf Al Sa'ad, BCS/MBA
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