[General] Study about implementation of open sourcetechnologies at the Kuwaity Government

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Wed Dec 22 14:51:01 +03 2010

Burhan, you're correct.

When I was in Kuwait University - College of Petroleum & Engineering, some
doctors started using the open source project Moodle to deliver online class
material and exams.

If I recall correctly, the contact person for this was Dr. Abdullah
Al-Mutawa (computer engineering dept.)

My buddies at Public Authority for Civil IDs are building their own projects
for multiple platforms (Linux, Mac & Windows) and they could be using Open
Source software as well. I forgot the name of the IT manager there, but
they're in the South-Surra building. If you couldn't locate them or reach
the designated person, let me know and I'll get his name.

It may or may not constitute as a government sector but a friend who works
in Kuwait Petroleum International has been using Spice Works after I
recommended it to him for infrastructure and server monitoring and
management. Spice Works is an open source software.

I hope this helps! And Nouf, please do share your thesis with us once done


On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 1:32 PM, Burhan Khalid <burhan.khalid at gmail.com>wrote:

> I believe Kuwait University uses moodle for some of its e-learning
> initiatives.
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> Burhan Khalid

       Majed B.
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