[General] Study about implementation of open sourcetechnologies at the Kuwaity Government

bashar abdullah bashar.abdullah at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 00:15:45 +03 2010

Sorry I'm late with this reply, I'll blame qnet for cutting me off for
several days.

I used to work at ministry of energy n water n our whole road map was open
source based. While this may not be fully implemented, the guy there jassem
mutlaq is an open source advocate n I'm sure world be glad to give you his
insight. He's on vacation right now I guess but I'll bw in touch with him n
get back to u

On 22 Dec 2010 19:10, "Nouf Al Sa'ad" <nouf.alsaad at gmail.com> wrote:
Thank you very one for your valuable reply!

its great to see moodle in place, i've also seen some instructors at PAAET
uses moodle

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