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Sat Jan 8 09:11:55 AST 2011

registration, forms, and keys? I was under the impression that it was a 
open source (linux only?) install fest. please correct me if i'm wrong.

have you decided where to host the guide project? google docs seems like 
a good place to host it.

an install fest sounds like a great idea, but you need to time things 
right. if it happens during a semester, people might not be able to make 
it due to conflicting classes. the same can be said about weekdays and 

furthermore, more people will come if you they is more than one 
interesting event taking place at the same place. barcamp kuwait was a 
success (or so i've heard). moving the install fest to take place right 
after/before/while the barcamp event might be a good idea. the two 
events taking place at the same time/place -to me- is also an idea. that 
way, if something is boring, you'd have something else to do.


ps: the guy who who mentioned that we should make sure that users know 
how to remove linux is right. linux is about choice. we should emphasise 
on that. make it a slogan?

On 01/08/2011 05:11 AM, Saleh AlSaffar wrote:
> Let me tell you what me and my colleagues have done for the 
> Installation Festival two years ago at the engineering college to 
> wider your perspective. I was a member of the ACM student chapter.
> There were around 90 attendees and free applications from Microsoft, 
> Adobe and Sun were distributed to students. Mostly Microsoft apps.
> We created a system to automated the process of registration, keygen 
> and installation. Here's how it happened:
> 1) A student goes to the registration computer to fill out the 
> installation festival form.
> 2) The information will be transferred to another computer and keys 
> are generated to be printed.
> 3) The student goes to the installation desk to install the 
> application(s).
> 4) With the printed keys, my colleagues install requested applications 
> and OS to their PCs.
> 5) Students have the option to get the printed keys and CDs to install 
> all applications by themselves at home.
> Regards,
> Saleh Alsaffar
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