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Yes! I second that. 

I guess if we need to campaign for anything, we should campaign for the establishment of a Telecom Regulator. That's the professional way of doing things. It's just like having the "Central Bank" or the "Stock Market Regulation Committee" (newly established). With such regulatory body, consumers will assure protection, theoretically speaking. In case of a Telecom Regulator, they should be able to complain against any ISP or telecom in case of any violation (just like the one we are having now). 
(Practically speaking, such regulator will never be politics-free, because we are in Kuwait, unfortunately) 

Meanwhile, let us not underestimate suing ISPs, because this at least means that people are not passive. Such campaign may grow to a real change. 

Lets be optimistic and supportive at least 

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Maybe what the ISPs want is for consumers to should at the Ministry because the ministry refuses to upgrade the infrastructure or is holding the ISPs hostage and this is one way (however misguided) that they figured out how to get consumers all excited (and it worked, obviously).

Anyway, Internet as a whole is expensive in Kuwait compared to countries with similar (or even poorer economies). Even compared to the rest of the Middle East its artificially inflated.

I think one of the ways it can be resolved is by have an independent telecom regulatory authority (like the TRA in Bahrain). This agency would have oversight over all providers and its crucial that it is independent of the government and the private sector; that way they can control things like artificial price fixing (which goes on all the time in Kuwait).

Suing the ISPs isn't going to solve anything, IMO. You need a top down change - starting with independent regulation of the ISPs.

Burhan Khalid

By the way, what happened at the meeting?
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