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the isp out here have major flaws n in my opinion have seperate rules for
local n expats...
or they just choose to provide the necessary info differently...n that


its really sad the way things work in this country...its so close to being

Power to the Free People...



> Yes! I second that.
> I guess if we need to campaign for anything, we should campaign for the
> establishment of a Telecom Regulator. That's the professional way of doing
> things. It's just like having the "Central Bank" or the "Stock Market
> Regulation Committee" (newly established). With such regulatory body,
> consumers will assure protection, theoretically speaking. In case of a
> Telecom Regulator, they should be able to complain against any ISP or
> telecom in case of any violation (just like the one we are having now).?
> (Practically speaking, such regulator will never be politics-free, because
> we are in Kuwait, unfortunately)
> Meanwhile, let us not underestimate suing ISPs, because this at least means
> that people are not passive. Such campaign may grow to a real change.
> Lets be optimistic and supportive at least
> Maybe what the ISPs want is for consumers to should at the Ministry because
> the ministry refuses to upgrade the infrastructure or is holding the ISPs
> hostage and this is one way (however misguided) that they figured out how to
> get consumers all excited (and it worked, obviously).
> Anyway, Internet as a whole is expensive in Kuwait compared to countries
> with similar (or even poorer economies). Even compared to the rest of the
> Middle East its artificially inflated.
> I think one of the ways it can be resolved is by have an
> independent?telecom regulatory authority (like the TRA in Bahrain). This
> agency would have oversight over all providers and its crucial that it is
> independent of the government and the private sector; that way they can
> control things like artificial price fixing (which goes on all the time in
> Kuwait).
> Suing the ISPs isn't going to solve anything, IMO. You need a top down
> change - starting with independent regulation of the ISPs.
> Regards,
> --
> Burhan Khalid
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